Engineering Sciences 95r: Startup R&D
In the course catalog as #60126


Thursdays 4pm-6pm weekly
Outside meetings with staff biweekly


Students seeking actual experience as a founder of a startup, whether commercial, social or another type of innovative project

Students working in teams are preferred

Students must do self-directed independent work and actively search for and outreach to mentors, customers, and partners for guidance and feedback

Students willing to share their work regularly in an online and classroom feedback forum that includes their peers

Startup R&D is a class at the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Students in the course are founders working on their own companies.

Applications for Fall 2016 are now closed.

Students should expect to meet with the full Rad every week and individually or in teams with the teaching staff every other week. A fixed 2 hour meeting time is scheduled for Thursdays 4pm-6pm. Students must have this time free on their schedule to enroll.

There is no general syllabus for ES95r. Each student or team project is custom designed and grading is based on progress toward mutually agreed upon goals and preparation for and participation in class, team meetings, and the feedback forums.